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Information for English speaking customers.

My name is Chichi. I come from Thailand where i've studied medical massage at the Medical Faculty in Bangkok.  I offer various relax- and complaint-related massages. All massages are muscle or tissue related. Complaints coming from spine-related problems are not treated by me. (for those complaints I would refer to a doctor or fysio therapist.)

If you are interested in a complete body massage, I would advise at least 1 1/2 hours.

Of course a foot massage will take a lot less time and might take up to an hour.

If you want to be treated for a special complaint, for example; muscle stiffness, problems with your neck, shoulders, legs, feet, hands, arms and stress-related headackes, I can focus on that complaint. The time necessary for an effective massage depends on the complaint.

Allmost all treatments cost about € 60,-- per hour. The use of special herbal-stamps, special oils en Asian cremes will cost a little extra.

Absolutely NO erotic massages.

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